Funny Text Messages for kids

Funny Text Messages for kids: last day I received a text message from my friend and he said, When I tried to have a face-to-face talk with my kids, their attention was always drawn to their phones. There was no eye contact. There is no actual communication. There is no genuine interaction.

Funny Text Messages for kids
Funny Text Messages for kids

It was, to say the least, irritating, which is why I determined that if I couldn’t defeat.
Rather than feeling isolated from my children’s lives, I began texting funny Text Messages for kids on every day to remain in touch and let them know I was thinking of them. They were perplexed at first, then annoyed (I wasn’t surprised), but they now enjoy it. The finest part of all? It really enhanced our bond!
after his story, I thought it an amazing way to type Funny Text Messages for kids and send them on a daily basis.
I have listed down some Funny Text Messages for kids and going to share them with you people.

Funny Text Messages for Kids:

Your father and I want you to know that we believe you’re fantastic, even if you hissed at us this morning! (By the way, I accept your apology.)

I’m going food shopping; do you want something special for dinner? Chef mum is at your disposal!

Keep in mind, honey. Don’t take yourself too seriously… You’re not going to make it out alive.

Reduce your anxiety. Smile! Have a good time! Maintain a sense of perspective in your life! Allow no one to pull you down! Simply be yourself!

I stumbled over the clothing on your bedroom floor, banged my head, and am now in the hospital with a concussion. (JK… I cleaned your room and am now on my way to the hospital to get a tetanus injection.)

I believe you used too much Axe Body Spray this morning. I’m wearing a face mask since the dog is beneath the couch. Keep it under 100 squirts in the future.

I know you awoke with a bad attitude. Actually, I did as well. Take a big breath, hon, and try not to let it spoil your day. Look on the bright side: you have a mother (or father) who adores you!

Mani/ pedis on Saturday, you choose the manicure shop, and lunch afterward. There will be no debating. I’m just laughing. Make a note of it in your calendar. Love, Mom

I know you’re all grown up and independent, but I wanted you to know that I placed a couple pieces of candy in your lunch today because you’ll always be my little sweetheart, no matter how grown up you are.

I am SO proud of you! Now, baby, go grab ’em!

Remember, you can always use me as an excuse (that’s why I’m here).

I adore you! (Never, ever forget that!)

Best wishes for your exam! You can do it! (Keep in mind that your grades will NEVER define you!)

YOU are the reason why my life is so full and blessed. I adore you wholeheartedly.

MOM does not stand for Made Of Money, in case you were wondering. (Ask Dad; he’s a softie.)

We had an extremely interesting talk this morning. (Just kidding, it was wishful thinking on my side.)

Of all the children in the world, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have you!

Good morning, lovely! XOXO Love, your fictitious boyfriend.

I hope you know that I will always be there for you, no matter what.

I’m extremely proud of you for working so hard. I’m confident it will pay off!

Remember that you are BRAVER than you think, STRONGER than you think, SMARTER than you think, and LOVED much more than you’ll ever know. MOM, I adore you XOXO

I got you a present today. It is larger than an iPhone yet smaller than a vehicle… You won’t believe what it is.

I understand you have a long day ahead of you today. What can I do to make your day go more smoothly?

I adore being your mother (father).

I apologize for not responding to your text message soon away. Doesn’t it stink? What do you require, babe?

I realize I don’t entirely get what you’re going through right now, but I want you to know that I’m always eager to listen and that I’ll always be there for you.

I’m simply wondering. How long would it take you to tidy your room? What about a bribe?

I realize this has been a bad week. This weekend, let’s do something insane!!

I entered your room and took 5 cups, 4 plates, 2 spoons, and a bowl. It was similar to going to Ikea, but I didn’t have to drive there and I saved a lot of money.

A HAMPER is a place to deposit dirty laundry (in case you forgot).

Whatever you decide, I’ll always be your biggest supporter!

Remember, I have spies all over the place, so if you do something dumb tonight, I WILL find out. I adore you! Please return home safely!

You can do everything you set your mind to! Don’t betray yourself!

I understand that things are difficult right now, but nothing important ever comes easily. The “hard” is what makes it so amazing. Keep going… You can do it!

We all need a respite from everyday life. This weekend, let’s go on a trip. Any suggestions?

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